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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vitalyzdtv Jail - Arrested

Vitalyzdtv Jail

Vitaly has done a series on Russian Hit-man. This is the series where he pretends to be a Russian Hit man in public. It is one of his best set of pranks. In this, he is known to have followed people while whispering the person's  clothing and looks, pretends to be hunting someone down, dropping a dead body on the curve out of a moving car.

But there was one which raised a huge red flag. As a Russian Hit-man, he walks by people with a suitcase which he places by them and says, " 60 seconds your life your choice". At one point, he seemed to picked the wrong person to do this too. As the person at first started running away as Vitaly was doing but then he started to follow Vitaly and assault him and his video recorded guy.

The guy later pressed charges and Vitaly was sent to jail. He was shown on Miami's ABC 6 TV while he was on court and his mug shots were shown as well.

Later on, we learn from an interview on What's Trending that he seems to have gone to jail more than once.
He is quoted to have said: " I am tired of going to jail".

But then again we seriously doubt that!

Here is the Russian Hit-Man video that sent Vitalyzdtvto jail:


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